Over the years The Real Group has been very fortunate to record a lot of music together.


Elements, 2017

16 tracks: thirteen in English, two in Swedish, one in Latvian and one partially in Latin.


Three Decades of Vocal Music, 2015

Twentyone tracks: a collection of hits and memories of 30 years of career. The CD contains old records, like Mister FatherThe Christmas Oratorio and Thousand Things, and new songs, like Scandinavian Shuffle, a tribute to Swe-Danes, and Mu Ruokto Lea Mu Vaimmus, a poem in Sami language by the Sami poet Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, with music by Svante Henryson.

Live In Japan CDBABY cover 2.jpg

Live in Japan, 2013

Fifteen tracks: ten in English, five with no lyrics. Recorded live in April 2013 at Billboard Jazz Club in Osaka and Tokyo. Two songs, Catching the Big Fish and Lucky Luke, are composed by Morten Vinther Sørensen.


The World For Christmas, 2012

Thirteen tracks: seven in English, four in Swedish and two with no lyrics. It contains the original song, composed and arranged by Anders Edenroth, The World for Christmas.


The Real Album, 2009

Twelve tracks: ten in English and two with no lyrics. Most of them are new.


In the Middle of Life, 2005

Thirteen tracks: twelve in English and one with no lyrics. The Korean-market version contains two additional tracks in English.


Julen er her, 2003

Norwegian title translates: "Christmas is here". Fifteen tracks: three in English, nine in Swedish, two in Norwegian, one with no lyrics. Four tracks are live performances in concert. Includes a video clip of a live performance of "Clown of the Jungle", an a cappella arrangement of the soundtrack to a Disney short film by the same name.


Stämning, 2002

Twenty-two tracks, all in Swedish. Swedish folk songs, all choral in their musical style. The performances were recorded without overdubbing and were directed by the well-known Swedish choral director Eric Ericson.


Allt det bästa, 2001

Title translates "All the best". A best of album with twenty tracks, four of them previously unreleased. Eight tracks in English, ten in Swedish, one in Spanish, one with no lyrics. Three tracks are live performances in concert.


Commonly Unique, 2000

Thirteen tracks, all English.


One For All, 1998

Sixteen tracks, one in Swedish accompanied by Toots Thielemans on harmonica.


En riktig jul, 1997

Title translates: "A real Christmas". Thirteen tracks, all in Swedish.


Jazz: LiveLive in Stockholm, March 19, 1996

Released in Sweden under the title "jazz:live". Twelve tracks: ten in English, one in Swedish, one with no lyrics. All tracks are live performances in concert.


Ori:ginal, 1996

Twelve tracks, all in Swedish.


Get Real!, 1996

Thirteen tracks: Twelve in English and one in Swedish. This album mainly consist of cover but even contain originals like A Cappella In Acapulco and A Child Is Born.


Unreal, 1995

A compilation album originally targeted at the US market. Fourteen tracks: ten in English, two in Swedish, two with no lyrics.

Varför cover.jpg

Varför får man inte bara vara som man är?, 1994

A compilation album originally targeted at the European market.


Röster, 1991

Twelve tracks, all in Swedish.


Nothing But the Real Group, 1989

Twelve tracks, all in English.


Debut, 1987

Thirteen tracks, 3 in Swedish and the rest in English. Recorded around two microphones onto 2-track tape, where the artists adjusted balance by controlling their relative distances from the microphones.