New documentary about The Real Group - online release: 22nd of Nov 2018

Film Carl Eneroth


Documentary by Carl Eneroth - Sthlm Social Innovation Lab

Normally we work, rehearse, travel, sing concerts, meet business-partners and friends of the group without thinking too much about all the processes that are in play. Some of these processes might have to do with the fact, that we work in the cultural field and WANT to communicate, but some of the processes are probably also just human and can be recognised by anyone.

We met this “anyone” at a charity event in Stockholm last year, and he happened to be a very nice person as well as a documentary-film producer - and his name is Carl. Initially Carl didn’t know what he was looking for (at least that’s what he told us), but he started visiting us while we were working, to see if he could put his finger on the thing, that sparked his curiosity. Ideally that’s how we want to work in The Real Group, so it felt natural to have an extra curious person around while rehearsing, traveling and singing concerts. Carl spent the summer meeting us in different locations, and he even followed us on tour to Japan, which is probably where he found the key to the door he was looking for.

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Anders Edenroth