Malene Rigtrup (Denmark)

Malene teaches Choir Conducting and Vocal Arranging at the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark. At the Aarhus Music School she gives singing lessons and conducts a girls’ ensemble Maestra. In 2002 she received the Edvard Eriksen Memorial award for both pedagogical and artistic work.

She has published several books of arrangements with Morten Kjær and has written a very popular handbook on warm-up exercises for choirleaders "10 typer opvarmningsøvelser".

Formerly Malene was a singer, vocal arranger and co-director in the vocal ensemble Vocal Line and she has recorded an EP of her own songs, entitled Not Later Love. She was also a member of various vocal groups and bands, including the country-music trio Satellites, and a conductor of various choirs and vocal groups.

Malene enjoys organizing workshops for choirs, vocal groups and choir leaders both in and outside of Denmark. Participants can be both beginners and professionals. Her work is inspired by your wishes and ideas. These could include focusing on aspects such as interpretation, emotion, vocal techniques, musical phrasing, groove, flow, intonation and grounding. She also enjoys working on learning new arrangements, improvisation, warm-ups, tempo, timbre and ‘moving from the details to the bigger picture’.