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Line Groth Riis (Denmark)

Line Groth is well-known as a singer, conductor and arranger, and has worked with choirs, singers and conductors all over Europe, in the US, Israel, Greenland and Taiwan.

As singer, arranger and co-conductor in the world famous Danish choir, Vocal Line for more than 11 years, she has sung concerts all over the world and performed with artists including: The Rolling Stones and Bobby McFerrin.

Line is also a member of the electronic vocal group, Postyr which has released several albums of their original music. In 2016 they won the prestigious CARA Award for Best European Album.

She teaches choir conducting at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen and holds a M.A. in Singing and Choir Conducting from The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. She is widely-respected as an inspiring and dedicated teacher.

Line offers a wide variety of group workshop options depending on whether the singers are looking for inspiration and new challenges, or just a fun day of singing groovy choir music. She is willing to work with choirs (large or small), vocal groups or individual students of all ages. Examples of possible workshop formats can include:

1. ChoralSinging– Vocal Line style: Singing new arrangements of catchy pop/rocktunes in the so-called ‘Vocal Line-style’. These can be simple 3/4-part pieces or more advanced a cappella arrangements – depending on the level and the choices of the choir/group. The arrangements will have a modern and full-bodied sound to them – and will be fun to sing, but will also allow the singers to explore different approaches to working with groove, pitch, blend, phrasing and expression. Participants will be able to keep the arrangements after the workshop and they will also learn tools to improve their skills as choir singers.

2. Choirs and Vocal Group Coaching: The rhythmic layers in music, the beautiful sound and blend, correct intonation and not least powerful expression are all ingredients that create that yummy vocal sound and a strong performance. Line Groth will focus on the needs and wishes of the group and work on musical details as well as the overall appearance and sound of the group. This workshop aims to give the choir/group a boost and new inspiration on how to improve their sound and staging.

3. “Out of the Box”: Does your choir or vocal group need new inspiration? Would you like to be taken somewhere completely different and break old habits? This type of workshop will challenge the ’used to’-concept and try to think out of the box. It might focus on performance and body language, experiment with the musical expression, try out improvisation or do some group dynamic exercises – whatever it takes for the choir/group to let go of old habits and jump into something new!

Line also does workshops with Conductors, for example working on rehearsal methods in modern vocal music – making rehearsals fun and efficient at the same time. She is also willing to work on various facets of arranging for different kinds of group, from basic level to advanced. In some cases these will be illustrated using examples from the repertoire of Vocal Line and the electronic vocal group, Postyr. For smaller groups or one-on-one workshops Line is willing to consider doing internet-based workshops using Skype etc.