Lene Nørgaard (Denmark)

Lene Nørgaard is a singer with 20 years experience of touring around Europe, U.S.A. and parts of Asia with the Belgian vocal group Zap Mama. She also sings with the Ivory Coast bass player and singer Manou Gallo, who was formerly bassist for Zap Mama.

Since 2011 Lene has been fortunate to join Kristian Skårhøj in several his of great projects such as Songs of the Moment Nordic – consisting of great singers as Katarina Henryson, Soila Sariola, Jussi Chydenius, Morten Vinther and Morten Moesgaard.

Beside her performing she also teaches vocal training at The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Move’n Act (theatre) and at The Music School of Aarhus.

One of the workshops Lene has run in the past is called Kucheza which approaches the idea of singing, playing and dancing (SPD) together. The word Kucheza comes from the Swahili language (spoken in much of Southeast Africa). By merging singing with Kucheza Lena helps participants explore some of the fundamentals of practicing music, where she encourages a combination of body and movement, voice, and rhythm.