Josef Sjöblom (Stockholm, Sweden)

Josef’s first connection with The Real Group goes back to the youth choir project during the 2012 Real Group Festival. He also enjoyed working with Morten, Peder and Katarina in Marina Abramovic’s “The Cleaner” in Stockholm 2017; and participates in the vocal ensemble ‘Roliga Sångförsöket’ with Morten and Katarina, exploring improvisation.

From a background as a choir singer and conductor in classical choirs as well as jazz/gospel/pop/rhythmic groups, Josef now explores crossover between varying genres. After receiving a Teacher/Choir Conductor Degree from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm he has worked at several international music schools.

He currently sings baritone in the Vocal ensemble “VoNo” (formerly Voces Nordicae), combining advanced classical a cappella repertoire with improvisation and playful stage presence. While at the Royal College of Music he co-founded the vocal quartet “Apella” and played keyboard in the progressive-pop/fusion band “deMilo”.

Josef works with all sizes of groups, all ages and skills and can do workshops live or online or via mp3 review. He likes bringing humour into the workshop and helping people to find new sounds they can do. He wants singers to feel safe enough to perform outside their comfort zone, have a good time and always support each other. His goal is to help them challenge themselves in a positive, supporting environment. Josef is passionate about arranging music (making it available and personalizing it to new groups of singers), and also about improvisation – he is happy to share tools and methods on these activities.

Josef’s workshops focus on varying approaches to rehearsal techniques, different types of warm-ups within a genre, and then looking at intonation, timbre and rhythmic exercises.