Jens Johansen (Denmark)

In 1991 Jens Johansen formed Vocal Line and has since then been the focal point and permanent conductor for the choir. He was educated at the University of Aarhus, Dept. of Musicology and subsequently at the Royal Music Academy, Aarhus. Today he works as an associate professor in musicology at the University of Aarhus.

Vocal Line was formed on the basis of a desire for a vocal ensemble to take the lead of the developing rhythmic choir singing in Denmark. In the very early stages the goal was to strengthen the role of rhythmic choir singing, so that it would become perceived as worthy of concert-level listening. A starting point was Nordic choir music mixed with pop, rock and jazz.

Today Vocal Line and Jens Johansen are very well-known in the circles of choir music all across the world. Jens is a much-requested teacher and choir instructor, and has given courses and seminars to choir singers and conductors in all the Nordic countries as well as Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, USA and Brazil. His workshops at the 2012 The Real Group Festival in Stockholm were especially popular.

Over the years he has published countless compositions and arrangements to the delight of choir singers all over the world. He is a long-time member of the board of ‘KOR 72’ and has most recently been the principal organiser and chairman of the ‘Aarhus Vocal Festival’, the biggest festival for modern rhythmic a cappella music in Northern Europe.