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Hanna Meens-Eriksson (Sweden)

Hanna started singing in a youth pop-choir in Sweden, then becoming involved with big choir shows performing pop, Swedish folk music, classical and rock. She has also sung in classical choirs, and led 20 different choirs, both in churches, schools and through her own choir-company Sångfabriken. She currently sings alto in two vocal groups; Tonova, from the north of Sweden, and Kvarteret, from central Sweden. She also teaches music privately and in college, and directs two amateur pop-choirs.

Hanna’s involvement with The Real Group began when they led a course in vocal group singing at the music university in Sweden, where she met both current and previous members of The Real Group. Subsequently her vocal group Tonova opened for TRG at one of their 30th anniversary concerts.

She enjoys doing workshops with individuals or small/large groups, both live and online. Hanna likes to focus on vocal technique and performance/output skills. In particular she enjoys helping people find new ways to express themselves, and discover new sounds that they can create.