Clare Wheeler (UK)

With a background in both Classical music and Jazz, Clare has been singing in The Swingles for 11 years, and is now embarking on other musical ventures. Growing up in Africa, she has sung in African Gospel Choirs, as well as Gospel Choirs in UK, Jazz Vocal Ensembles, Classical Chamber Choirs, Symphonic Choirs and of course The Swingles. She is a solo jazz singer, improviser, composer and arranger, and worked behind the scenes as an arranger and vocal coach for BBC One's "Pitch Battle". Clare is based just outside of London.

During her time in The Swingles, Clare sang with The Real Group on multiple occasions, both inviting them twice to the London A Cappella Festival, and also performing at The Real Group Festival in Stockholm. They have performed together at quite a few other festivals or concerts over the last decade or so.

She loves working with any group or choir, large or small, and prefers to do this live or over Skype, but she can also help by remotely reviewing mp3s. Clare finds that working with a small group allows her to get into more detail with the expertise she has gathered from 11 years in The Swingles, however she loves to work with larger choirs too and has plenty of experience in that environment. She loves running improvisation workshops, whether for beginners or advanced, but this really works best in a live situation.

Among the skills Clare likes to focus on she lists: blend and rhythm, groove etc, plus basic breathing and vocal technique to help with tuning. Her workshops are relaxed and fun, but detailed and focused! This allows the participants to have a laugh, as well as unlocking new skills and deepening musical understanding.