The Real Group Academy

The Real Group Academy is an outreach initiative created and operated by The Real Group to advance learning of amateurs and professionals engaged in vocal music. The main activity is coaching- and workshop sessions with choirs and vocal groups worldwide AND offering online sessions with a range of skilled vocal music professionals. 


Our vision

Drawing from their accumulated substantial experience over 30 years of rhythmic a cappella performance, members of The Real Group team are willing to share their learnings with singers & performers around the world.

Over the years The Real Group have developed an approach that embodies three keystone elements that form the foundations of their workshop methods, positive reinforcementfocus on distinct identified objectives and enhancement of group interactions.

This approach is followed in their workshop sessions.

Working with Katarina is like getting a taste of a unique mix of experience and enthusiasm, demands and benevolence that lead us straight to the simplicity and obviousness of a shared sound.
— Ensemble Perspectives, France, G.H

How can we help you?


Individual singers

You like to sing and want to get some feedback from us. You don’t have to sing in a group to take your own singing a bit further. Read more.

Small self-directed ensembles

You sing in a smaller ensemble without a “leader” and wonder if anyone has the same challenges as you have. The answer is yes! Read more.

Leaders and group directors

You are leading or directing a group of singers and you’re looking for inspiration and inputs to develop musically and/or pedagogically. Read more.

Sound technicians and producers

You have some experience with recording, live-mixing and/or producing vocals and want an ear on your work or new ideas for your next project. Read more.

Vocal arrangers and composers

You have been arranging or writing for voices—either by ear or notation—and want to learn more on this topic and develop your own skills. Read more.

Team coordinators

You work in a non-singing environment and want to explore new sides of your team; just for fun or with specific goals in mind. Read more.

The Academy


Morten Vinther

Morten Vinther sings baritone in The Real Group & has a Master’s degree in choir conducting in rhythmic music from The Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg, Denmark.

Before joining The Real Group in 2010 Morten was a member of Vox11, Postyr Project and VoxNorth, all Danish groups exploring new directions in a cappella performance. This advanced his understanding of some of the technical aspects of capturing and delivering a cappella performances.

Anders Edenroth

Born in Stockholm, Anders started playing piano and singing in choirs at an early age, and studying at Adolf Fredrik’s School of Music in Stockholm from ages 10 to 20. Following five years of studies at The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, he and his fellow-students formed an a cappella quintet – The Real Group.

Anders has contributed to the development of vocal music by composing many songs sung all over the world by choirs and vocal ensembles of all shapes and sizes. Anders is also a very engaging and appreciated workshop leader. He is one of the founding members of The Real Group and he still performs and tours with them.



Katarina Henryson

Since 1984, as one of the founding members of The Real Group, Katarina has contributed to the group with her flexible alto voice and distinctive stage presence as well as with numerous compositions. Katarina composes and writes lyrics with jazz and folk music forming the starting point of her music-making.

Katarina’s experience as a workshop-leader and mentor for choirs and vocal ensembles is as extensive as her artistic career. Since leaving the group she still directs significant energy towards developing The Real Group Academy.

Peder Karlsson

Peder studied classical and jazz composition at The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm before graduating with a Master’s Degree in vocal group performance as one of the founding members of The Real Group.

He was a major force in creating The Real Academy and organizing the first “Real A Cappella Festival” in 2008, bringing together amateurs and professionals from all over the a cappella world, into a very much-praised atmosphere of noncompetitive sharing and mutual learning.

After 26 years of singing with The Real Group, Peder now devotes his substantial energy to spreading inspiration in the world of vocal music; with The Real Group Academy, as a mentor with Perpetuum Jazzile from Slovenia, and through workshops and seminars all over the world.



Linnéa Carell-Brunnberg

During high school Linnéa decided to be a sound engineer and after upper secondary school she continued her music studies at the University of Technology in Piteå, Sweden. In 2004 she qualified as a sound engineer and started to work part-time in the sound business.

Linnéa started working as The Real Group sound engineer in the summer of 2015 and during the intense schedule of the 30th anniversary tour she quickly became familiar with the group and the sound. Linnéa has worked with a number of solo artists and bands.

Janis Strazdins

From 1994 Janis studied at the Riga Dome Choir School in his home town of Riga, Latvia, where he joined a boys’ choir and spent his childhood singing and studying music-related subjects, as well as English language and vocal jazz pedagogy.

Of the vocal groups Janis has sung with, the most significant was a 6-voice male ensemble called Cosmos; in 2006 they participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens. In 2010 Janis he became a member of the Latvian Radio Choir, and more recently sang with a blues band and performed as a soloist in a variety of collaborations.



Emma Nilsdotter

Emma was born in Umeå in the north of Sweden, and sang for her father’s dance band through her teenage years, eventually forming an all-girls group with classmates at her music school.

Moving to Stockholm at age 21 she quickly found work as an entertainer and studio musician, singing backing vocals for many of the top Swedish artists, as well as for international names like Britney Spears. Also developing as a songwriter, Emma released a solo album “Från mig till dig” (From Me to You) in 2001 (on Universal Music), and composed a song for Kylie Minogue.

Since joining The Real Group in 2008 Emma points out that a key skill for an ensemble vocal singer is an ability to listen well, and believes that enjoying and entertaining with the music you create is more important than focussing on perfection.

Lisa Östergren

Lisa grew up in Upplands Väsby (north of Stockholm) and studied at The Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen (Denmark) as well as obtaining a Masters degree in vocal teaching at The Royal College of Music, Stockholm.

She joined The Real Group in 2016, after freelancing as a solo singer and as a backing singer for various Swedish pop artists. She has also been doing studio work with songwriters and composers both within and outside of Sweden.


A Global Network

Our thoughts on music and creativity are shared by numerous people worldwide and we would be happy to connect you to our extended “family”, if you are interested. Do not hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in a live workshop or online sessions.

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